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PrintMap's simple solution allows IT to easily centrally manage distributed printers , while also providing end users to self service their own printer management through an simple to use interface. PrintMap delivers simpler printer management, faster datacentre server relocation or consolidation projects, Value add for desktop refresh projects and VDI/Cloud Deployments.
Supported on Citrix, VMware and all Microsoft Platforms
Enterprise Class
Corporate Centralised Printer Mapping Management tool.
Make a logical printer framework that matches your environments physical layout. This makes it easy for both IT and users to understand the printer infrastructure.
This product has been proven at scales with 1000s of printer across 100s of offices. Self Service
Self-service tool allows users to easily find & manage their own printer mappings. Yet these printer assignments can still be viewed by administrators. This solves a common dilemma in traditional solutions that users who add their own printers do so without knowledge of IT. Centrally Manage
Centrally manage all users default printers. All management is performed centrally, without the need for scripts or GPO, or other third-party solutions. Our management console is light weight and can be installed on servers or PC’s of the required administrators. Improve Logon times
The Streamlined printer mapping technique improves logon times. We have found that GPO based mapping can add 10-20 seconds to the users logon in environments with a lot of printer mappings. Our solution does not query AD when a user logs on. Each user has an XML file with their personal printer requirements and only this is queried. This technique is extremely fast. Granular Printer Control
Assign Printers to groups or individual users, we can work with AD groups if required, or if you wish to keep a cleaner environment don’t create an AD group for every printer or group of printers simply create the list of printers within the tool and manage the mappings against individual users AD accounts. This removes the bloat in AD and also deliver real unqiue mappings for each printer as opposed to trying to group them. This technique reduces the admin overhead and time to implement changes. Manage Default Printers
Manage default printers down to a per user level. A user or an admin gets to choose the users default printer. This cuts down on support as IT can manage a users Default printer assignment within the tool. An admin can in effect run the self-service tool as the another user to manage that users printer assignments. Reporting
All the printer information is centralised. This allows for reporting on printer assignments and un-used printers. This can help identify any underused or un-unsed printer devices. This can also help in migration as we know which users use which printers even if they added the printer themselves.
Video Demonstration Please watch our 6 minute video demonstration to see how quick and easy it is to use our printer assignment solution. We demonstrate the management and User self-service consoles. We show how you can draw the logical printer environment to look the same as your physical environment making it easy for users to find printers.
PrintMap RRP Pricing
The following is the recommended retail price for the printmap solution. PrintMap Support Subscription Printmap charges a 20% annual subscription fee to include access to all software updates and patches, plus annual support agreement.